Policies for safe arrival

Help us  keep shipping for these amazing creatures safe!

Axolotls are not legal in CA, VA, ME, NJ, and DC.  HI and NM require import permits prior to shipping.  We will not sell axolotls to those states.  If you purchase one on our website your purchase will be refunded and no animal will be shipped.

As both invertebrates and axolotls are sensitive creatures customers must agree to a DOA policy. 

  To receive a refund less shipping costs:

1)  Hold at hub option should be selected for shipping or someone authorized to receive animal must be home.   Animals must be received by said person and not left unattended for any length of time.  Animals left to the elements after delivery will not qualify for any refund if not received alive. 

2)  Animal must be picked up at hub within 8 hours of delivery to destination.   Axolotls must be picked up within 4 hours. 

3)  Photograph of animal within 1 hour of receipt necessary to prove animal was not alive upon delivery. 

4) No refunds will be issued once animal is in your care as these sensitive creatures can be damaged by a variety of improper care methods. 

5)  Refunds will not include shipping costs

6)  If temperatures at delivery zip code are above 95 or below 35 no refund will be issued for specimens that do not arrive alive.

6)  Please communicate with us.  Let us know if things go wrong promptly so we can help.