Aquatic shipping.

The pandemic is still in full swing, but these babies are getting so big. We have been discussing with our friends that also ship live and have decided to re-open aquatic shipping starting Monday. If things in your area are not moving as smoothly let us know. You are still able to purchase a baby and have us hold it until you feel safe receiving it. Contact us if you would prefer overnight shipping: this will cost extra depending on your area but we are open to this option. Local pickup will still also be available, but no visitors to our house at this time. Purchases may be made at any time but animals must be fasted for at least 2 days prior to shipping. Shipping will occur only on Mondays for the safety of animals and courtesy of our postal workers. This doesn't apply to insect/invertebrate shipping. Insects and invertebrates will ship mon-wed as always. Thanks everyone for being patient during this time. Watch for new babies on the website in the coming days!

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